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Who do you think is the fittest man in the world and why. Ive always found that to be a bit of a mystery to be quite honest. Ive always been pretty lazy in the field of hard physical activity and its a wonder Ive managed to keep in pretty good shape. I think its probably been a combination of things like my education, and my job. I also tend to avoid too many people as Ive always believed their bodies werent the best to judge on how fit they really are. Also, I never have a regular workout program of sorts just because I dont really have the time to do it. Youve always wanted to do one of these but you cant find the motivation. I think the inspiration for this challenge would be my dad. You might know him as hes the one that taught me to read and keep a balanced schedule for myself. He was a little older in age than me, but what he taught me was to stay strong and that I could succeed if I just put my mind to it. He was just so motivating in so many ways as a father and also as a person. Plus, I really love the idea of competing and putting my mind to it because I think this challenge is what keeps me motivated. What fitness goal would you like to achieve in your life. For me, Id love to become the best body builder in the world, and beyond. When I was younger, I only considered myself as a runner and I was always disappointed that I wasnt a better athlete. I hope that as I get older, Ill start to think of myself as a better athlete. Its very hard finding motivation for me nowadays; I try to keep a positive outlook on everything. I know that my goal will have to be more than just to be a little healthier and fitter than I currently am. I always try to stay positive, you never know what will motivate you. Right now, Im really hoping that the challenge will lead me to work out more and eat better and all that good stuff. Though, I will probably still go to that party or some shit, 9. I tend to do everything at the same time, so my ideal routine would probably consist of weights, cardio, and some kind of strength training, like some sort of crossfit type workout. Are there any foods you dont want to be eating. I usually watch what I eat, but Im not a huge food eater so thats not really a concern for me.

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