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Im just going to go to the bathroom and leave your stuff on the bed. I didnt know about the bag and Ill tell my assistant to bring your bags up. You tell you the assistant is your husband. Yes, we dont know anything about your husband. You confirm that youve had a husband since the day you met him. Ive had a husband since the day I met you. You confirm that youve had a husband since the day you first met him. So, if youre leaving with him you can leave your bag back here. The woman steps into the kitchen and returns with a large bag. She says and hands you a small white envelope that appears to be marked Crocs. She also asks you if you need anything else and as you read the letter she goes back into the kitchen. Okay, Im sending my assistant back out to take your bags and to take you to your other destination. Your assistant arrives and hands you your bag back and the assistant hands your bag to the woman. Thank you for your business and I hope you like your new shoes, but Im afraid I cannot make the reservation at this time, but Ill be sure to let you know if I find anything else. Before you can answer, you are being led out of the room and towards the door. While you are sitting on the couch to think about what just happened, the door opens up further and in walks your husband. Looking at you, he smilesIm so glad to see you. We just have more to tell you and were going to be here a while. You begin to realize that the past few days have really been something else. I know that youve been trying to get out of the hospital. You said the doctors said that you have probably had a stroke or something and they want to keep you here until you recover. You are unsure how to answer this and you begin to think about what youll say.

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