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ComThe first of a two part feature film version of the classic childrens book, Beauty and the Beast has gained a cult following worldwide over the past few years thanks to the popularity of the original book as well as the success of Hollywoods most recent musical. The film will star Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, as the Beast and Willy Wonka Gad Elmaleh, as the Beast, Mr. Maurice Sendak, and Lucy Punch, as the title characters young lover LeFouIn the first film, Beauty, Emma Watson a beautiful yet fragile young girl in the magical land of Narnia, meets Prince Charming, Dan Stevens, and his charming family. Little do they know, the Prince is the Beast, Luke Evans a giant who is a monster to those around him and a hero to Beauty. As the Beast attempts to convince her to join him, the Prince and his family are taken by surprise when Beauty transforms into a beautiful young woman. On their wedding day, they fall in love as the Beast shows his true colors and his true love for Beauty, which causes the Prince to fall for her. Unfortunately the Prince is unaware of the true nature of Beauty and the Beast and is in danger of losing his life to save his love. More Info The third film is now out, and there is a 4th one coming shortly. More Info Beauty and the Beast is a love story between two people. Hes willing to change forever in order to save her. The Prince is Beauty and the Beasts best friend and the man with the best heart. His heart is willing to change in order to save Beauty. Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale about love, magic, courage and friendship. More Info Beauty and the Beast is a fairytale with a different ending. The Prince and his family find their prince charming turned into an ugly rat in a fairy tale castle. The Beast is an ugly beast that is not happy with the fairytale ending he is presented with. Ronda Rousey is making it a point to make her fight with Miesha Tate a do-or-die situation.

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