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The Cast:Emma Watson as BelleAnneliese David as the BeastLuke Evans as the WizardRalph Fiennes as Monsieur DArbyLuke Evans as the PrinceLupita Nyongo as the MaidEmma Thompson as a mysterious Belle-type character who speaks no wordsLupita Nyongo as Madame LeotaDan Stevens as the Cowardly LionDan Stevens as the GentlemanDan Stevens as the Black KnightEmma Thompson as the NarratorDan Stevens as the Mayor of the town, the Mad Hatter, and many othersThe Director:John MuskerIm sure you love fairy tales, but in these fairy tales, these fairies dont speak English and arent just any fairies. These fairies are part of a whole other world. A fantasy world that you were never meant to explore. All these things came into play when creating this film. I think the people who work on this film have learned how to respect the original authors of the fairy tales, and to use as a source of inspiration for creating this film. This film is one of my personal favorites among all the Disney animated films. Its got a wonderful story and beautiful art direction. This film shows that the artists at Disney are able to not only be creative, but also listen to the wishes of the people as they create new movies that are different from the rest of the ones they produced. And thats not just saying something stupid on the internet because it gets attention and makes you feel better about your lack of self-esteem, but actually going out and having it said about your body. Thats exactly what one woman did after a guy who was attempting to date her commented how hot she looked in her shirtless picture. See, he said something about how he thinks she looks hot in her shirtless picture. And what he meant to say is he thought she looked hot, but not in the conventional sense. He meant she looked hot because of her body type. You know how guys think they need to look a certain way to catch a girl.

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