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Ve got this much money stashed away, can you afford the highest quality. What about having an expensive bottle labeled after you. T afford to take chances with an average bottle. You could just leave it to the average Joe to find and purchase a bottle labeled after you. After discussing your idea with your other friends it was decided that leaving the bottle to the average Joe to try on for himself was a better option than taking the chance on having a slightly better bottle go to waste. If we can get all of us together in the future we can all make a bunch of money and buy shit and shit. You point out to them all that it is better to get people together in the future and that you will make an example of whoever breaks the laws. Well, I think we can keep them under surveillance and force to buy the average price bottle on our side. I think forcing them to sell themselves to ourselves would be even less desirable. Ll see how we like our new citizens and try to get them to buy our average price bottles. If they still feel that way after we tamed them, then we can proceed with how we want to see them. T greedy, but that they can buy whatever they want. I hope you all will try to make this work.

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