Could have health implications Carol Kirkwood issues warning over unprecedented heat

UK weather: Carol Kirkwood outlines red and amber warnings

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BBC Breakfast star  Carol Kirkwood expressed her concerns in a series of tweets about the “unprecedented” conditions. Scenes on the news saw forest fires raging through France and trains catching fire in front of terrified commuters’ eyes in Spain today – but Carol has made it clear that the havoc is not limited solely to Europe. 

In all my years presenting the weather I have never before mentioned a temperature of 40 Celsius!

Carol Kirkwood

“In all my years presenting the weather I have never before mentioned a temperature of 40 Celsius anywhere in the UK,” the 60-year-old exclaimed.

“This is unprecedented heat @BBCBreakfast xxx” she added to her over 237,000 Twitter followers.

Carol’s tweet was just one of several addressing the extreme temperatures as they ripped through the UK today.

“Tomorrow could be even hotter than today,” she warned ominously.

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“The highest temperatures are likely in the East Midlands, East Anglia, and eastern England.

“We could see temperatures in excess of 40 Celsius @BBCBreakfast xxx.”

Meanwhile she told Britain to exercise caution overnight as the heat was expected to soar.

“Tonight temperatures for some may not fall away lower than 20°. This too could have some health implications,” she explained.

Carol added that the intense heat was unlikely to fall away until Wednesday.

On Twitter, @jw47714 played down her concerns, challenging: “What about the summer of 1976? Didn’t get any worrying news or advice then. Just got on with the normal.”

However @andyoakes countered: “We had a minister of drought, we had widespread crop failures and 20% excess deaths. It also never got above 35 degrees.”

Meanwhile @reg791 blasted: “BBC loving it. Anything they can do to scare people. Will soon start blaming the Government for not being prepared!”

@heathermarielit suggested that the extreme weather could be attributed to climate change – something which citizens could take steps to address.

“We have a collective responsibility to address this challenge,” she urged.

“If we continue as we are, then hot days won’t just be remembered from 1976 or 2022, they will become more frequent.”

@andygee echoed: ” As well as getting serious about net zero etc we need to get serious in this country about adapting to these extreme hot spells as were going to get more of them.” (sic)

@stephenaw85 agreed: “The conversation needs to be reframed on this.

“Yes it’s hot yes people need to treat it with due respect. But it’s an indicator of a wider trend. The record UK temp is about to be smashed, again, and with room to spare.

“20 yrs ago 100F was big news, now it’s regularly hit,” he added.

By 10am this morning, parts of Wales had already reached temperatures of close to 30C, before the peak of the heat even began – but after Tuesday, more normal averages are expected.

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