Corries Kate Ford admits battling crippling pain behind scenes while playing Tracy Barlow

Coronation Street: Tracy Barlow punches Steve after wedding

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Kate Ford is battling with agonising pain caused by the health condition endometriosis. Corrie fans flooded social media with support for the star when she shared her struggle, commenting on how much affection they have for “the softer Tracy”.

I was struggling with my #endrometriosis.

Kate Ford

The 45-year-old mum of one opened up about the condition when she posted a selfie this week, in which she could be seen struggling to summon up enthusiasm for the camera.

She confessed to her 110,000 followers: “Filming #itvcorrie this was a few weeks ago at a time that I was struggling with my #endrometriosis.

“Luckily got lots of support x just sending a hug out to all those struggling with similar,” she continued, adding a heart emoji to her comment.

Clad in her red filming coat, a glum Kate failed to crack a smile, but fans offered plenty of reassurance for her.

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Endometriosis is a chronic condition where tissue, normally seen in the womb lining, migrates to other areas, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

It can cause agonising pain as it forms growths – and can in some cases leave sufferers infertile.

Fortunately, Kate was still able to conceive her son Otis, who is now 13.

Now living in Dulwich, south London, Kate has a fast-paced life commuting to the Coronation Street film set and spending long hours perfecting her lines on the soap.

Sometimes the experience can be exhausting for the actress, who refers to herself on Instagram as an “endometriosis warrior”.

She also tweeted previously of her panic when enduring the pain in isolation during the Covid lockdowns.

“Endometriosis is a chronic condition that has affected me for many years and every month is a struggle,” she revealed in a statement to The Mirror.

“As well as pain, there are also psychological symptoms.”

However, she reassured fans: “I’m working alongside a fabulous gynaecologist now to try to manage the condition.

“I’m pleased my Tweet has raised awareness for a condition that is not fully understood.”

Corrie castmates wrote words of support on her latest post, including Shobna Gulati – who previously played Dev Alahan’s wife Sunita on the show.

In a signal of solidarity, she assured her former co-star: “You are so strong xxx and beautiful.”

Samia Longchambon, who plays hairdresser Maria Windass, also showed her support, leaving hug and heart emojis on her colleague’s post.

Plus, a fan added: “The struggle is real! Glad you’re feeling better. I enjoy you on Corrie so much, love the ‘softer’ Tracy!”

Despite the actress’ struggles, fans can expect to see a return to the unscrupulous Tracy they know best, following reports that she could be set to have an affair with her on-screen daughter Amy’s boyfriend Jacob (Jack Ryan).

She and husband Steve (played by I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2021 contestant Simon Gregson) have been attempting to prise Amy away from her new love interest, even cutting her off financially in a bid to make her acknowledge their point of view.

They have genuine concerns for her after discovering that he was a drug dealer – and soon, dramatic scenes of Amy being hospitalised after getting spiked will air on TV.

Fortunately for Kate’s stress levels, the angst with Amy is fictional.

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