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After hearing about a stars favorite shoe, you begin to try them out. You soon learn you like the Converse All Star. You even remember which celebrities like it the best. It seems the shoe is popular enough that there are at least three different sizes available, along with a large variety in styles and colors. You try the Extra LargeYou grab the Extra Large and try it on. After a few weeks of wearing the Converse All Star, you wonder if your opinion was different on the shoe if you had tried them on first. What if you could change someones brain so it would prefer the Converse All Star. You take a deep breath and get in your car, and walk down to the mall. You pull out your phone and begin recording. Hi, I just want to say I really liked your shoes. They were the only shoes I felt good in. You turn your phone to see Sam, standing a few feet away. You also see a woman wearing a pink tank top and wearing Converse All Stars. Ve known better than to suggest something like that. T get a rise out of someone on a regular basis. Ll get a nice little kick in the ass for your insolence.

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