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Please remember to pay tax to our cattle-herders. You smile at the mention of your name, and the girl at the counter frowns at you. S certainly something you could use to sell that glow foundation you mentioned. S supposed to have something to help you with your dark circles and dry skin and blah, blah, blah. Re young, you would just be able to get away with going into a hair salon and getting it done yourself though. Ll be so much happier with straightened hair. Re going to be a social butterfly and try to seduce all the beautiful women in this city. Re obviously not going to be able to talk to anyone like that. M not going to be able to walk around like this forever. Just keep in mind it might be a little awkward. S not awkward, I just have a thing for blondes anyway. You mean a thing for blondes with a thing for blondes. Re so concerned about me being a racist asshole here, maybe you should learn to stop worrying and love the color blonde first. Re doing anything wrong with the color you have, just the way it is. Yeah, I know all about that, but I gotta tell you, blonde hair and all that jazz is a little bit better than my normal skin tone.

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