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The 14th of July: Which iconic person, or people, were born on this special day. The short answer is: not all iconic figures were. This is a list of famous people and people from famous historical events on this day. T include famous actors, such as Sean Connery, or more famous actors, such as Jack Lemmon. John Lennon was born on July 14, Paul McCartney was born on July 14, and Eric Clapton was born on July 14. Celebrities Born on July 14 Famous People Born on July 14The list of famous people born on July 14 is longer than the famous person list. These names you see were either famous at the time of their birth or quickly became famous. S Birthday: 10th of JulyWilliam Lyon Prince, known as simply William, was British Monarch from 1837-1901. King William IV was the first person to be elected King of Ireland in modern history. He was also responsible for the repeal of the Corn Laws and the Irish Free State as well as creating the National Health Service. Billy Sunday, sometimes spelled just Billy was an American songwriter, guitarist, and composer. He was born on the 15th of July and died on the 15th of September in 1936. S Birthday: July 22George Washington is one of the first President of the United States. He is the father of one of the most famous Presidents in American history, George Washington. S Birthday: July 14John Bunyan was an English poet and writer. He worked in The Reformed Church in England, and wrote several books in his Christian name John Bunyan. S Regressions in 1676, a work that described the persecution Christians experienced in his native land. William Henry Harrisons Birthday: July 14William Henry Harrison was an American politician, statesman, and a two-time United States presidential candidate. Born on Jin Kent, England, he served in the American Revolutionary War and was a member of the Kentucky State legislature from 1840 to.

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