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YouwillliveYou enter the convention center, which is already very crowded. You expect you will be outnumbered by Comic Con celebrities, so you try to look as cool as a rock star: wearing a pair of black overalls, a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt that says COMIC CON, black knee-high leather boots, and black sunglasses. Your black hair, long and natural, is pulled back into a ponytail. You stare at the ground to keep yourself focused, but it does not seem to matter, because everyone looks like they just saw a rock star, regardless of how cool they may or may not actually be. Some convention-goers walk forward and gesture at you. Others stare at you, but continue walking forward, as if it were not your presence that was drawing your ire, but rather their own stupor. You try something differentYou look over at a young girl standing next to you. Her hair, which is normally a vivid, bright pink, is now entirely white. I think I just saw my grandmother murdered, she says to you, raising her hands in fright. She then turns off the video game she is playing. The next panel you arrive at is called What the Hell Is Happening to Our Planet. Ben Radford, the head of the Lost Cosmonaut Society, which seeks to re-establish contact with the lost astronauts from the Apollo 11 mission, and Dr. Fred Haise, a radio theorist and researcher of the unexplained phenomenon of anomalous transmissions. Suddenly one of the most famous names in comics arrives at the panel. He is the legendary artist, writer and cartoonist, Bill Everett. The panel is interrupted, and you are asked by a young woman on the panel, Who the hell are you. You realize that what you just observed was a con. The comic creators appearance did not influence you. So how come Im not playing now. Bill Everett, a comic creator, enters the room, and the conversation between you and the person on the panel is interrupted.

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