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The last time you were here was about three years ago when you were trying to locate a book on the human brain, but you were only getting old and a bit slow on the uptake. Now you are in a place far more familiar: in a human brain museum, which does not look quite as impressive as it did then, and not quite as dull either. A human brain museum in a human brain museum. I think its more than ten dollars, but I think youre still new to this place, so you can have it for free. Not a fan in the sense that you dont like something, though I understand that could be a connotation with some stuff here. I mean I think youd probably be really entertained to see and touch and learn a lot about the Human Brain, something you really want to know a lot about. This is a very important book to you, youll want to see and touch and learn all you can about the subject. Just trying to do my part in helping educate the world, he says. He leads you inside and gives you a little pamphlet on a human brain. It is pretty big, the size of a small book, and the inside is lined with words and pictures all in bright color. In this book youll learn things like where the brain has its roots, what the brain does, what it shows in the brain, the parts that make up the brain, where certain personality types are found in the brain, how much blood is used for each part of the brain, how it is used, how that knowledge affects the mind, and lots more. Its not as complicated as they say, the guide says. It takes a lot of time and energy to do the basic part. Once the basic part is done, it takes time and energy to do the rest. What else did you want to tell me. OK, now for some of the stuff youre not going to find in that pamphlet. Yes, the pamphlet doesnt tell you all. Youre going to have to do some research, and some of it may not be very pleasant. Now, this is mostly going to concern the male brain, but it will definitely apply to women too.

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