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You choose SneakersYou find that you are wearing classic leather low kicks, and you will always associate them with being in the office and in the basement. Youll certainly never be one of those celebrities and get away with wearing cheap sneakers at a party. At least youll always be able to wear them to work. Sneakers are the perfect combination of style and functionality to match the rest of your look. Your choice makes you look as though you belong here, in the basement of the apartment building, in a very ordinary office job. And that is just what you need to maintain the image of being ordinary. Its not the right one necessarily, but you get the idea. You tell the group that you need to find something else to do. You think that a big group of friends that you didnt keep up-to-date on in your new life would be a great distraction from the boring routine at the office. You say, Okay everybody, I have to be the adult and Im going to do something else, do you know anything about video games. They all respond by saying, You play a lot, do you play any of the games that we have. You say, Actually I once did, but I got really sick and couldnt play anymore. They all agree that might be something they could look for, so they head back to the computer room with the game boxes and start playing and laughing their heads off. Your eyes are already on the TV, with another movie that you have to sit through. You find yourself wondering if it would be something to do at home, and you end up going to bed. You have no idea why you have a cold, it didnt ever bother you before and your nose, ears and mouth are so clean you have never even had a little sniffle. You dont feel so great either; youre not sure if that was even the flu or the flu brought on by your cold. You go to the bathroom and find that you dont feel any different, since even when you were sick after the flu, you still only really felt sick on the day you were home from work. You go back to your computer, turn it on and see that you see a lot of activity; it could be anything from people playing games or watching movies, it could be that somebody is sending a virus to all of your friends, or that your computer itself is sending a virus.

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