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We used our own Beauty Instant Wrinkle Reducer formula, based on our original formula. Youre going to love it, especially if your skin is in need of some serious wrinkle reduction. It is 100 natural, non-toxic, hydrating, and is infused with a powerful blend of active ingredients that actively works to significantly reduce the look of wrinkles. You may only need about 1 drop to address your entire face, which will leave you with a luminous glow with a healthy-looking complexion. This is a non-chemical and long-lasting formula that is easily applied and will not leave any residue. We make this formula with a combination of active ingredients, so you will notice immediately that it gives your face a bright, youthful look. Our Beauty Instant Wrinkle Reducer has been a big hit with our customers at Greenwave Labs, so were excited to share this product with you right away. The active ingredients will visibly reduce the look of wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, but we dont think this is just for the younger crowd. This is also a great product for the eyes, hands, and lips. The formula is incredibly easy to apply, but you need to use a little bit to give your face its best glow. The ingredients are gentle enough to be used for both normal and oily skin. When you apply this product, no matter how dry the skin is, you will see your face glowing and glowing.

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