College Scandal Mastermind Rick Singer Paddleboards, Says He Feels 'Threatened'

Rick Singer, the mastermind in the college admissions scandal, is livin’ the life in Newport Beach, while also dealing with some danger — NOT the coronavirus, but feeling threatened to the point he’s alerted prosecutors.

Singer, who ensnared scores of parents to plunk down insane amounts of cash to get their kids into good colleges, was rockin’ a Speedo last week as he paddleboarded out from shore at Lido Isle Bridge in Newport Beach.

Singer’s lawyer tells us, his client is an exercise buff and part of the drill is paddleboarding — but he says something suspicious has been going down.

The attorney, Donald Heller, tells us in the last 3 weeks. Singer has seen 2 strange, middle-aged men lurking in the shadows with binoculars. Singer confronted both men but they drove away. Singer told Heller he felt “threatened by their presence” and took pics of the guys and got their license plates.

Heller tells us he’s reported the incident to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston … which is prosecuting the college admissions cases.

For the record, Singer’s not flouting the law, because beaches are still open for business in Newport Beach. Singer’s living in town, and various people tell us paddleboarding is part of his ritual.

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