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In fact, it is one of the most beautiful movies ever made. The music is simply beautiful and the cinematography is just stunning, but what makes this movie a masterpiece is that this movie does not just tell one long and moving story, it actually creates its own plot, setting, and characters out of nothing more than the words and music. The movie begins as a character study of a man who has lost his wife and son, who in turn, has lost his son, who he must now come to terms with in his own way as a father. He takes these characters who are, ultimately, just his imagination to create a plot that tells a story of how we become a father, or not, and how the loss of a child can be devastating to us both personally. It is a beautiful, moving, and emotional story that will affect you deeply as a viewer. While the story is told through the music, the story itself is not told in song, but rather through the characters and their actions and words that surround these characters. You are told about the characters and their lives, you watch them from their own subjective perspectives, and you watch the story of this movie unfold. You are not left confused on what the characters actions mean in the grand narrative of the movie, you are left with a story of your own personal experience as the story unfolds. The movie begins with a beautiful scene, as you see a small boy, or rather girl, on a small plane, flying over a field and getting closer to a farmhouse. You see a small boy, or girl, throw up into some garbage bags by the farmhouse. Your first thought is that he is going to throw up into the bags like the child in The Color Purple. After a few minutes of viewing this scene in silence, the scene changes to a room on the same farmhouse. This baby is not yet aware of his or her situation, it is too young to understand the weight of losing a parent and it feels so good to finally be free from Mommy and Daddys care. We then see another baby in the next room. The baby in this room is not crying, the baby looks peaceful. She is looking at a clock that shows the minutes and it shows one minute left until her water breaks and she will become a mother. What a wonderful and peaceful moment it is to watch a child being born, it is like the movies, but it happens in real life.

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