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JpgFile Name: Zero Media Collateral Beauty Trailer. 06 MBYou are free to use this picture freely, no need to credit me. From WowpediaThis article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories. Tirion Fordring was the last living descendant of the last line of the ancient order of the Knights of the Silver Hand, and the last known survivor of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. He leads the Forsaken in the final, massive war against Kiljaeden. He believes that the war is not yet won. When he was eleven, he and his brother were sent to the Holy Light School, a very successful and highly influential institution of learning for young people with an even more exclusive curriculum. The Fordring brothers got along well with their other companions on the school, a group of young elves that included their friend Rhonin, who remained friends with the brothers even after they had moved on to other schools. The Fordring twins were very talented and made excellent teachers, but they also had a very strict attitude and they would not have accepted any student who was not perfect. The twins methods included the use of strict, regimented discipline and physical punishment. Though the Fordring twins could be very harsh with their students, Tirion Fordrings personal feelings toward them, as reflected in his poems and stories, were more positive. 6Tirion Fordring was a very gifted young man, and he excelled at everything he did. He was very popular, but also very popular among other students and teachers. He excelled at every endeavor, and excelled in a variety of fields. He was a star athlete, and a standout star of the school. He didnt belong to an elite branch of elves who were known as the Holy Light elves. He did not attend the Holy Light School, but he had plenty of friends in the elves and humans who did. 6War of the Ancients TrilogyThis section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories. Tirion was born in the small village of New Hanalei, and grew up playing around the edges of the land near Northwatch Hold. He later met his future lover, Princess Eliosa, while playing hide and seek in the old keeps dungeons. The two were married and had three children, Tiris, Ebonblade, and Taldarim. One day, as the children were about to go to sleep in the old keeps dungeons, a mysterious stranger appeared and kidnapped them.

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