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Somewhat long, though not too too much. Also somebody tell me what the plot is because I know that it gets awkward when I listen to the track on my way home. The sound of a distant truck rumbling to a stop echoed throughout the empty streets. And the feeling that kept coursing through your veins. The smell of the sea envelops you, the breeze caresses your face, and the sun shines its golden light into your soul. The world has no shortage of things to teach you. You remember the place where you left the boatIt is the first time you have ever set foot on land. You are aware that you are not really in a world. You look around at the strange objects of your surroundings. PA large man with a black leather jacket and black sneakers sits in the middle of the street. He is standing on top of a car with his arm waving up and down. The man is the same one who was driving the van during the truck attack. The man says in a monotone voice, as if he has heard the same story hundreds of time. Your eyes flutter and your mouth opens. We are trying to discover the meaning behind the chaos that exists in the world.

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