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Rating : Movie Review: Collateral BeautyMovie Review: Collateral Beauty Rating: 9.

This StoryWhen The Lone Ranger finally comes to town, not everyone is happy to see him. When a bunch of cowboys who have never been to Fort Sulu, where the movie is set, decide to go fight, they think it will be easy. The Lone Ranger is surprised when a bunch of cowboys with guns show up and attack him instead. All the cowboys seem to be armed with brass knuckles. When the Lone Ranger escapes to the fort, he is cornered against the wall by a bunch of cowboys. Im the Lone Ranger, and you cant shoot me. Im the only man in town wholl help you. Meanwhile, the rest of the cowboys stand by and do nothing. The owner gives these cowboys a ride to a place called The Cow Palace in order to get you a nice cowboy hat to wear during the movie. In the real town, the Lone Ranger escapes the cowboys, who are standing behind a wall, by jumping through a window and running away. Then everyone in town knows the Lone Ranger is the hero and he is the hero of the town. A movie based on the Lone Ranger story has to be a hit, right. When you think about it, it isnt exactly like the original story. The Lone Ranger has to be in town, and the Lone Ranger has to be good. It is a little hard to get behind the idea of the Lone Ranger unless you are the type that enjoys watching movies featuring heros that arent exactly heroes. But then again, if you are, you are probably a movie-lover. You make This MovieYou dont really feel like writing a review for anything. You think you know what this movie is all about, but you have no idea what to say about it. You just want to see it again and try to tell yourself the Lone Ranger is still the hero. You might be wrong, but at least you know you wont be disappointed. You drive to the nearest theater and walk straight in. You see the movie and you dont actually like it. The movie takes all the things that made the Lone Ranger so heroic and turns them into a boring action movie with a good soundtrack. You even realize you werent really paying attention to the story and just went with your heart the whole time. The Lone Ranger gets killed three times and the ending feels less satisfying. The Lone Ranger is all but forgotten when the movie is over. You cant believe the movie makers didnt pick up.

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