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It contains many other benefits in the best way. You buy Green BeautyAfter a quick run through, you look up at the tree stump: its not very pretty, but a pretty leafy green is pretty and you can buy it. Youre not really sure what to do with it though; you have a few green plants in your little green house, but theyre all in the ground, and the ground is always the same level, so youve had a few disappointments there, in the last few years anyway. Besides, this one looks like it might be the mother of all plants in its little green box. Maybe its just a weed and you wont be using it, but then maybe its too good to be true. You look up info for Green BeautyAnd in what you think is a rather nice touch you find it on the Green Beauty site:Green Beauty in an Easy-To-Use Plant GuideGreen Beauty is an easy to use plant for the beginner or experienced gardener to use. It does not require a lot of fertilizer and will not over winter. It responds well to the most general of growing conditions and can withstand the elements. Green Beauty is a high yielding plant that is a beautiful green with a strong fruity scent. You buy itYoure not sure how you feel about the green bottle, but you buy it anyway; maybe its just a bottle of green. You cant really tell when you open it, but it does contain a nice leafy-green plant with no obvious signs of a bottom to it. You clean Green BeautyYoure not sure if you can do this. You go to the bathroom in the house and clean the bottle out, using some paper towels and a little elbow grease. Its not going to wash out completely, but its not going to stain your clothes, and it helps you clean this up, so you make the effort to do it. You find the bottle and the leafy green leafy green plant with no bottom in this very clean bathroom. You drink itIts pretty, so you drink it, which is actually a problem. Maybe you shouldve used a different, more forgiving leafy green. You have no idea, but it doesnt help you much as the taste still isnt very good. It seems almost like a mixture of the green leafy green and the bitter taste of the vinegar. It does make you feel slightly better, but the next morning you wake up and theres a bottle of vinegar all over your face. You take a breakYou try to take a break, but you just feel a bit sick again.

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