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I think its the same reason why so many actors, even famous ones, stay in the closet. When I was very young, I remember in my town, I was the only gay kid around, and I had a lot of bullies who were mean to me. They threw rocks at me, and threw other things at me and there were a lot of times I didnt want to leave my bedroom. When I was in my teens, I remember I started to feel that I shouldnt keep everything hidden. Then I finally went to my mother and told her about it. She was really understanding of everything and helped me to keep my secret and live my life. However this happened before I was legally able to do so, so I was the closest I could to being gay. I dont think it matters if you actually are gay or not. A lot of people just live their lives in secret because they are afraid. 2 A: Many people cant deal with being in the closet, some choose to hide their true self in the closet as well. However some of these closeted folks just dont have the fortitude to stay in the closet and are only doing so for the sake of being an outcast. This of course, makes it easier for others to come out too. 3 A: I think it depends if their is any kind of pressure to be in the closet. If there is no pressure to hide then it isnt so bad. Its a whole different story if there is some sort of pressure. 4 A: The way I see it, there is a double standard in Hollywood. The only reason why it is possible for a male actress to come out is cause she is in a movie and can get some type of award, whether its an award for her performance or for coming out as a straight. For the females its mostly shes so pretty so cant she just be a model. Even if she is really talented and can act, she still cant get an Academy Award cause people just dont believe her without some sort of controversy. 5 A: I think it is pretty disgusting that not everyone is accepted or even tolerated. It makes me sad that they feel the need to hide in the closet, as if it is going to affect their lives one day. 6 A: It can only improve if they would stop hiding and start being themselves. – The Reasons Why LGBT People Hide Their True SelvesA lot of people are afraid to come out of the closet or are just not ready to admit their true selves.

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