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NootropNootrop is a popular nootropic used by young people to improve concentration and productivity. The nootropic, popularized by the late author and science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, enhances memory, perception and learning abilities. In 2010, the FDA approved nitrop to treat attention deficit disorder. Its often combined with caffeine to create the Super Nootrop drink, to increase cognitive performance, and make people feel better after a long working day. Blue DreamBlue Dream is also known as the white wine of Dope, and is an odorless blue plant-based alcoholic beverage. Its primarily consumed as a recreational drug, although it has also been used as an anesthetic. Blue Dream, which is often mixed with other drugs such as marijuana, hashish and caffeine, is more expensive than Nootrop, but its effects are similar. The blue dye in Blue Dream can cause permanent kidney damage. It can also cause an increase in heart rate, body temperature, respiration rate and blood pressure, and can cause temporary confusion, hallucinations, aggression, anxiety, psychosis and increased blood pressure. It can also cause temporary blindness and heart failure. While inebriation is unlikely to trigger hallucinations and increased blood pressure during or after consumption of Blue Dream, any drug combined with blue dye should be used with caution. AmbienA widely prescribed sleep aid known as Zzzs Sleep, Ambien is an anti-narcoleptic used to treat insomnia and nap disorder. Red BullRed Bull is a carbonated drink mix made from high-fructose corn syrup, water, acetic acid, and flavoring. It contains caffeine, fructose, and vitamins and minerals including aspartame, and is sold in a variety of flavors, including lemon-lime, orange-lime, cherry-flavored orange, strawberry-flavored, cherry-flavored with fruit punch, named for its unique flavor and bubble tea, a refreshing blend of caffeine and flavoring in the carbonated beverage of the same name5. Green TeaIn China, green tea also referred to as the tea of angels is often consumed from a bowl or a cup rather than from a teapot. Its a common beverage in many parts of China and Korea, but is becoming more popular in some other parts of the world as a beverage, as well as a beverage to blend with other beverages. Green tea contains more than 400 compounds. In Japan, Chinese tea is also served in these small, decorative cups.

This article about What diet pills do celebrities use