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THURSDAYYou catch a train to New York and spend the next few hours in a state of near-total obliviousness as the city slowly disappears in front of your eyes. As the train pulls into Grand Central it starts to rain and you hide in the car next to a man half your age named Jim. Relax, its just me in here, you say. You tell him where your parents are and he looks at you. Jim stares at you for a moment, his pale face twisted in disgust. My parents are both dead, Jim says. Jim says, as you cant look away. You turn away from Jim to find that the train has completely stopped. You walk out of the trainYou walk out of the train. I dont even know why Im doing this. Its either that or dying right now, you say, feeling slightly bad for all the people around you. You lie againLook, Im just not feeling right, I can walk if you want me to, but its starting to rain and I need to get out of here. That train stop even opened a minute ago. Fine, but Ill be waiting outside this open car until it stops. You get out of the car and come back inside.

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