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For those who dont know, the following is a guest post from my good friend Brian from the blog, The Black Tapes. My name is Brian and I blog at the Black Tapes. My interest in video games began in middle school. The only game my friends and I could play was Final Fantasy series, but as they got older, so did the games. Mon we saw were either the old or the weak variety. The games became more and more complex, with the ability for players to customize their characters. When I was in high school, I started to think about creating my own fan fiction of Pokemon. At that time, I was interested in the real world as it were, and wanted to create a world with fictional characters. In any case, I was looking for a world that really fit my idea of what a game world could be. Pokemon is a franchise that I really care for, so I wanted to see that world that this franchise was based on. Pokemon Ruby was the game I found very appealing. I also found Pokemon Sapphire to be interesting, but not as interesting as Pokemon Ruby. When I finally decided to create my fan fiction, it was the first time I wrote a novel for myself. I started to think about the characters I would like to create. I started to draw characters that I thought would fit. Once I had a good idea of the characters, I wanted to think more about the story as well. When I started writing, I didnt really have many ideas. As I started writing, I decided that I would try to add as many of my own ideas as possible. I had a few stories that came out, but I wanted to do more. When I would do what I would like the ending to be, I felt more confident I had something good. It was then, that I knew I actually had something to share with people. When I would go to the Game Furs and meet random fans that were interested in me, I would feel more confident that they would like what I had created. I had a big fan, but I was also writing about a girl in one of the stories. I knew that if anyone else played it, they would know who I was talking about.

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