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You can find more of her beauty tips and tricks on facebook. Google clean beauty and sephora will be your next stumble around. You try to avoid online shoppingYou dont want to be bothered with any of this online shopping crap, youll stick to the stores that are still keeping their doors open. You check out your phone in the checkout line, youve managed to find the Sephora web shop on your phone. You make a plan to stay homeYou look at your phone. Youve got a lot of work to do, and you cant find time to shop at Sephora anymore. Youre going to have to make this task up as you go along and be more creative with the products youre buying. Youre going to need to figure out some way of avoiding having to deal with all this online shopping stuff. You have quite a few choices of buying your makeup online. Some that you havent tried, but you wonder if they may work and some that might be problematic. You also remember there is a drug store right across the street from Sephora, its not the biggest, but its there whether you like it or not. You go to the drug storeYou decide that youre going to go to the drug store instead of the web shop. The drug store will be more convenient, and you can at least get the products you want there if you cant find what youre looking for on the web shop. It will be less of a hassle to make the trip to Sephora now, plus it will take you away from the computer screen where youre browsing. Youre half tempted to check out the store right across the street from Sephora, because you know its going to be quite the distance, but you dont want to be bothered with any extra responsibility. Besides, you dont actually have anything here that you need and you can just go back to the web shop if you need a product thats out of the ordinary. You go to the drug storeYou go to the drug store. There are some interesting things to look at, but you can also look at the packaging before actually picking up the product. You find quite a few brands that you dont usually like, though you have to admit some of them are pretty interesting. You pick some of the products that you want to try. Some of them you actually like, and some of them you dont. Youve tried all the items, and a few of them are just completely forgettable. You put some things in the cart and return to Sephora. You decide to look at the products in your cart.

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