Circassian beauty

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If you must do so, I can provide a better view of the subject. You keep it briefI just wanted to say thank you for the meal and your hospitality. The woman nods and continues gazing at you from a distance of about a century before speaking up again. Zaim, as my people call me, would be proud of me. Ve made my life better than it would have been in my own home world. Re left to take a more detailed look at her features. Even her eyes are an unnaturally pale blue. S almost as beautiful as the last time you saw her, so much so that you wonder if you had something going on with the woman in those visions. S just been a very hectic week. Ve seen the impact that you did for the ECS and its activities. You feel so drained, so worn out by all of this. You rest your head against the wall of the door for the rest of the walk to your house. Re no longer surrounded by the heat and humidity of the planet.

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