Circassian beauties is a stereotype and a belief used to refer to an …

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You also say that the word of the day in the tent is, Its okay to kill all the bastards. Then you sit back, relax and enjoy the party. Day 4The sun is high in the sky when you wake up. Just sit up straight and keep your eyes on the prize. T see shit because all the lights are out. Reluctantly, you get up and make your way out to the campfire. You sit down and turn on your flashlight, giving you a better view of the surrounding area. Re a damn sight closer to home than I am. S already taking some food from a bag she brought. I mean sure you can go get it yourself, but why the hell are you already going through the trouble of doing it. Aw, cmon Diana, you gotta have more protein. M not fucking eating your fucking leftover jerky. Before Diana can react, you knock her to the ground. The pain of her kicks causes you to fall back for a moment, but you get back up and continue to beat the hell out of her.

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