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Re concerned anyway, and you continue to listen. Ve always been in a lot younger bodies. T mind being in a smaller body for a while to explore all the fun things it has to offer. M an aquatic demigoddess and can breathe underwater. I even have my own little island in there. So how many of these places do you have. Ve got several islands and several islands. Some are far away from the mainland and have a lot of resources. Others have a lot of people and a small amount of resources. S a big island with an army base and all the resources. S a small island just for me, a couple with the same population I have, but none of the resources. T have one of those home like you humans usually have. Cindy says with a hint of worry in her voice. S fine, just as it was when I was born with all the resources. S pretty impressive if you ask me. I mean I suppose you are a little unusual in that you can be in several different worlds at the same time, but when did you get that ability. Ve always had this ability when inside the bodies of humans.

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