Chris Noth Played a Big Part in Planning Out the Shocking Final Moments of the 'And Just Like That' Premiere

If you haven’t seen the first episode of HBO Max’s Sex and the City revival series And Just Like That…, be warned that this post contains massive spoilers about the show’s first episode. Scroll down at your own risk.

When the first episode of And Just Like That… premiered on HBO Max, Sex and the City fans got good news and devastatingly bad news. The good news: Carrie and Big had found their groove and were basking in dancing-in-the-kitchen levels of true love. The bad news: Their love story comes to an early end when Big dies at the end of the premiere episode.

Big’s death was a shock to many fans (although not so much to any that had been scooping spoiler sites leading up to the show’s premiere), and not a pleasant one. If it helps, Chris Noth, the actor who played Big, was also not happy about the news when showrunner Michael Patrick King first ran it by him.

“[I asked,] ‘You wanna come in and die?’ And then he was like, “Of course, no, who wants to?'” he told Us Weekly of Chris’ initial reaction to Big’s fate. After they discussed what it would mean for the story, though, the actor came around in a big (pun only slightly intended) way. “We started talking about the character and what it would mean. Then Chris and I worked a lot, and it was a thrill because he has great instincts, great story instincts.”

Apparently, Chris got so on board with the decision to kill Big that he actually helped plan out the character’s demise (the character suffered a heart attack after an intense Peloton workout and died in Carrie’s arms moments after she returned home and discovered him).

“Together, what we came up with is exactly how he left and why he left and how he would leave and what their last moments would be,” King explained.

And the showrunner gives Noth sole credit for coming up with Big’s final words to Carrie before the tragedy (as she’s leaving the apartment, Carrie asks Big what he’s looking at and he says, “I’m just looking at you”).

“That was Chris. That’s pure Chris. He just wanted that,” King said.

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