Chloe Sims’s daughter Mady doesn’t know about her cosmetic surgery ‘She doesn’t need to be aware’

Chloe Sims has discussed her approach to discussing things like the cosmetic surgery she has had with her 16-year-old daughter, Mady.

In a chat with new! magazine, the 40-year-old TOWIE star explained that she doesn't tell Mady what she has or hasn't had done, as it's not something her daughter needs to know about.

Chloe explained: "In the past, whenever I’ve had any bruises or anything like that, I’d just make something up, say I fell over or something. It’s not something she needs to be aware of. She’s only 16. She did ask if she could have veneers once, but now she’s got a brace."

In the past, Chloe has undergone Brazilian Bum Lift, as well as breast implants and has previously spoken about having fillers taken out of her face.

The mum of one – who shares teenager Mady with her ex-partner, says she worries about Mady being exposed to things on social media.

She explains: "I can’t protect her from everything. Music videos are sexualised and there aren’t that many role models who are bigger than a size 14.

"I tell Mady she’s beautiful every single day and that women are all different sizes. I was careful with letting her play with make-up when she was young, but if she wants to do these things now as a teenager, it’s absolutely fine. I just make it clear that she doesn’t need to wear make-up and that she’s beautiful as she is."

Although Mady has appeared on recent episodes of TOWIE, Chloe has largely kept her daughter out of the public eye.

She explained to new! that this was a conscious decision as she worried about her daughter.

Chloe said: "Teens don’t need that extra pressure of being judged. She’s only just been allowed to have social media – she’s got her TikTok and an Instagram page but only on my phone. I see everything and she doesn’t have the login details."

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