Chloe Madeleys mum Judy Finnigan lovingly cuddles new granddaughter

Chloe Madeley shared the intimate family moment between her mum and her daughter on Instagram

Chloe Madeley revealed mum Judy Finnigan was as besotted as she was with her two month old baby girl in this affectionate snap capturing the love between grandmother and grandchild. 

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Chloe Madeley, 35, is besotted with her baby daughter and was left “beaming with pride” after giving birth to her first child with 37-year-old husband James Haskell.

It seems as though the intense feeling is clearly mutual for her mum Judy, who was smiling affectionately at the baby girl in her arms in the latest snap.

Judy, 74, has scarcely been seen since her decision to quit the showbiz world after 43 years as one half of the famous duo Richard and Judy, despite the pair being the ultimate showbiz couple.

She also raised eyebrows after the announcement that she and husband Richard Madeley, 66, had since become “semi-detached”.

The new addition to the family is just two months old, and Judy could scarcely take her eyes off the angelic-looking little girl as she sprawled out in her giraffe print jumpsuit.

Chloe Madeley with her parents and partner

Chloe Madeley had previously posed as a family together with partner James and her household name parents Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan prior to the baby’s birth.

Chloe Madeley’s first snap of her baby daughter

Chloe Madeley introduced her little girl to the world by teasing a photo of nothing more than her outstretched hand, as she wrote of her pride and happiness at giving birth finally to her first child. 

Chloe Madeley’s famous parents Richard and Judy are believed to have been present soon after birth

Judy Finnigan and Richard Madeley popped into the hospital as soon as they could to catch their first glimpse of their new granddaughter. 

Chloe Madeley has been married to partner James for four years

Chloe Madeley and her Rugby Union beau first tied the knot in 2018, after getting engaged during a romantic trip to Paris.

Chloe shared her stages of pregnancy publicly with the world

Unlike Judy, who has announced her intentions to withdraw the spotlight while she enjoys older age, Chloe Madeley and partner James Haskell haven’t been shy in the slightest about showing themselves to the world, with one Instagram snap featuring Chloe wearing a bikini during pregnancy to proudly display her baby bump. 

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