Chemmy Alcott opens up on family nightmare behind-the-scenes of Ski Sunday role

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Ski Sunday presenter Chemmy Alcott has spoken about the “nightmare” that is managing her family responsibilities with her presenting work. Speaking exclusively to, the Alpine ski racer, 39, spoke about how she juggles her busy work schedule with raising her two sons, who she shares with skier Dougie Crawford.

So I look like I’m fine, but it’s a nightmare

Chemmy Alcott

Speaking candidly about how she juggles her responsibilities, the Olympic skier explained how she decides what to prioritise.

Addressing how she manages her work duties and looking after her family, Chemmy confessed: “I say I manage it very [well?] just because I reach out and asked for help quite a lot.

“I’m like a swan swimming upstream.

“So I look like I’m fine, but it’s a nightmare,” she added.

Chemmy shares two sons, Lochlan and Cooper, with husband Dougie Crawford, who she married in 2014.

The Ski Sunday host went on: “It’s just such an emotional rollercoaster, because they can bring you so much joy.

“And then when you’re so low, you’re so tired, and you’re trying to juggle all these balls, inevitably, you’re going to drop a ball.

“But it’s kind of just a bit of surviving.

“I have so much respect for solo parents, because I don’t know how people do it,” the star admitted.

Chemmy told how she priorities her family’s health above everything, with her work responsibilities coming further down the list.

She said: “So I’m like, right, you’ve got to put your health first I always think before, you know, work.

“So in terms of motherhood, it’s the kids happiness, then it’s health, everyone’s health.

“And then it’s work and that’s kind of the pecking order.

“And then it’s fun,” she added.

Chemmy knows more than anyone the importance of prioritising health as she suffered horrific injuries following a skiing crash which saw her break her right leg in two places in 2010.

As a result of that and other skiing accidents, the mother-of-two has been vocal about the pain she has faced throughout her life.

However, while filming Ski Sunday last year, Chemmy started taking Dragonfly CBD, which she credits with helping her to get a better night’s sleep and managing her pain.

She said: “I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I felt more flexible, had no pain, and my quality of sleep was so much better. It was a real life-changing time for me.”

“Dragonfly CBD helps me lead the active life I want to, without being weighed down by pain.

“And my quality of sleep is so much better, plus, it has really helped me deal with what life can throw at us, where juggling 101 things is pretty normal for us all,” she added.

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