Check out this celebrity hunks without their teeth…

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Re starting to feel like you should get up and move around. Ve got to keep your mind on the task at hand. You go behind a large rock, and see several large groups of people sitting around a bonfire. Ve seen him around here a few times when he was working as a bouncer as a teenager. Like you, but most of them have drifted a long way from it. S sitting on the couch watching TV with his wife. Re about to speak up, when you see something that changes you whole perspective of your surroundings. S sitting beside it, reading a book, as usual. And there he is; you can see his face through the fire, even if it looks like his head is a bit smaller than normal due to the lack of smoke. I just realized how my life has changed in the past few days. The past few years have turned out much different from the one I grew up with. Vance points over in the direction of the crowd that is now making its way towards the front of the building. You look to see what the commotion is about, but you see nothing out of the ordinary. Ve been seeing you around all over town. You get a better look at Vance now. S also eating a much different-looking sandwich than you did a few hours ago. Re talking about him, so he stops eating and looks at you.

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