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The stars also have a lot of information that can help you. The names will look familiar, but they will be different. These will be the only people you can have contact with for the rest of the time. They will all be working on projects and their lives will be difficult. You need to get them all out of their comfort zones and let them know that you will be your own man. You get your life back together and start acting like a real man againYou need to get your life back to normal. You still have family in that area and you are not in an area that you feel safe. You need to get out of these peoples lives. They will still give you work and whatever cash you can scrounge up to buy what you want, but you need to get out of their lives. You start calling every one your former contacts, and see if there are any jobs you can do. You call up all of your former contacts and ask if they need anything. You have a lot of people who are willing to do anything you like. You get a lot of responses with very few people willing to even help you out with a job. The people that do would do anything for the money, but they have families to take care of and the money would just mean more expenses in their families lives. You call them back, and tell them that you want to just focus on getting paid and not working for free for the rest of your life, because you are not being a good host. You end up getting most of your old contacts. You also get a lot of people in the drug trade, but they also do regular jobs. You call up a few of the girls and ask if they have any women that they need you to do a job for, otherwise they will be unwilling to help you. Most of them do and they even thank you for coming to their aid. One girl in particular that you had wanted to help from the very beginning says that it would be too much work for her. This new addition to the crew would be the most helpful person in your life. You youre not helping herYou will not waste your time and energy on her, she is not worth it, and she is not worth it your time again. All of your energy should be focused on what you should be doing. You continue to do what you want to doThis is what you were born and raised to do. You now need to live your life. If you think about things like family, you would start to relax a bit and feel more like yourself. You start to feel more comfortable with the rest of your new crew and you start feeling happier again. You feel like your life is starting to move forward.

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