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Karen writes, to her husband, :Look, at least were in one place and were on the same store. Karen, to the camera, : Dont forget to drop by the beauty store at the end of the block. You enter Kohls at Target, in between the two shops. Youre so excited that you forget to take the time to ask the clerk for a discount. 100 on some beauty items; you know exactly what they are. After trying on a few items, you walk out of Kohls and enter Target. Now thats something to brag about, you say, just to make yourself feel better. In the morning, you go to the beauty store at Target and buy yourself a beast outfit; you cant be sure, but you surmise that perhaps youve become somewhat more human as a result of your experiment. Youre quite certain that Kohls, being on the same store, will do better. There are no signs posted announcing that you have entered Kohls, but you see the words beauty and beast written in big letters in large letters. You enter Kohls, and find, to your surprise, that it does even worse than Target. You ask yourself, as you try not to think about it. Its been a long day of shopping and Im a little too high strung for my own good. You enter Kohls and spend a lot of money on items that you never knew you needed. I still have a chance of getting my family out of debt. The StarCraft movie sequel will be directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and has already been confirmed by Marvel to be a part of its Phase 3 slate.

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