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Poshmark will not be held responsible for any additional custom charges or tariffs that may be imposed by your government. If you have any questions about the policies of your country, you should contact the office. Is a registered trademark or service mark of Poshmark, LLC, and our logo is a trademark or service mark of Poshmark, LLC. Theresa Mays first official day as PM was marked by a series of gaffes and blunders, as she attempted to take the reins of the United Kingdom out of the hands of the European Union. Many of her statements were both questionable and contradictory, and they made her seem increasingly isolated and out of her depth as an incoming leader. At first glance, the Prime Minister has been doing a good job of not looking like a strong leader, which is certainly been a strength of her so far. Still, if she is going to turn the UK into a great power that can defend and advance its interests, shes going to have to overcome her predecessors poor communication skills. Here are a few of the less than stellar things that went down on todays first day, as well as what May will have to do in the remaining days of her brief premiership. Dodgy Brexit talksDuring her press conference with the Irish Prime Minister, Mays tone was noticeably irritated. She appeared to be saying screw you to the other leaders in an effort to get her point across. We arent going to have a bad deal for the UK May said. This is likely to be a very tough negotiation, and its hard to imagine that May had anything but an if it aint broke, dont fix it mentality when it came to Brexit talks. However, it wasnt a very good look for the PM. The British public isnt supposed to dislike the countrys PM just because her negotiating team doesnt have a perfect deal. So Mays tone and delivery was going to have to be better in order for her to be taken seriously. May shouldve been saying we are going to make a better deal than the EU. She shouldve been saying we will make a better deal for EU nationals living in the UK. It helped her gain some extra credibility by creating some ambiguity. May also gave a vague indication that what she was going to do as PM might not be necessarily in the best interest of the country. She said Brexit means Brexit and that there would be a period of uncertainty. She also made a joke about the fact that it would be a good thing if parliament doesnt stand in the way.

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