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Back to the front linesThere is one thing you are not forgetting. A lot of these people are soldiers, and they will probably be in your way if you are trying to go anyplace else. Still, you need to get out of here. It is better to get out now then later when you have no more energy to think. You slowly get out of the door, and hear voices from inside. You hear the sound of several shots, and you see several people run out of the door. Then the sound of more shots, but you do not hear anymore voices. When you look in the first door on your left you see that it has been smashed in and is in pieces. You feel a bit better when you see that it seems the soldiers have a few more people inside the house now. You see a few dead people and the shattered window here. You try the door in the middle, and that door is also smashed in. You go back to see what happens to the other door on your right, but there are only two people inside: a man and a woman that seem to be asleep. While that seems like a good time to leave, you still have half a year to go before you are scheduled to be done with your training, so you decide to stay in this house. You take in a deep breath of the damp air that has entered you lungs, and prepare yourself for the rest of the day. You go out into the yard and look for a weapon, you will need one when you are done. You decide this thing you have here does not look very useful for the purpose you are trying to accomplish so you will have to go find something better. You start off by going out into the yard and trying to find a small weapon. You do not really have many options for one, the only other type of weapon you have is a pistol, and you know this one is in bad condition too. You could either try to fix it with duct tape, or you could try selling it on the net for a few pieces of coin. You decide to try the duct tape option first since you can get a lot of it for a very low price on the internet. You have been saving all your money to get a job. You have been living on the streets for about 10 years now. You begin to put the duct tape all over it before you realize what you are doing. Then you realize you are going to need to be more organized with your actions from now on. You tear the tape and try to do it again carefully.

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