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In this day and age where every piece of celebrity news is a punch line on some late-night talk show that never gets watched, the sheer weirdness of this whole ordeal is oddly endearing. The rest of your week is filled doing this, which is a little tedious at times, and not in a hah, here I go over again kind of way, but its well worth it. The loud voice of Kate McKinnons character shouts as you walk into the living room. You dont even recognize this womans voice. You ask, still not quite believing it. Im the voice of Ellie on the hit show Saturday Night Live. And I just saw your little heart-shaped balloon boy today. And I cant believe Im seeing you for the very first time. Oh wait, youve never seen me before. You cant believe it could possibly be anything else than a complete coincidence. I guess so, you admit, still a little surprised. Well, you probably thought I was some random guy coming over, right. I mean I am, but I know youre actually a girl. Yeah, so Im really happy that youre my sweetheart. Its like Im back in middle school all over again. Well arent you just adorable, the woman says, clapping you on the shoulder. That got your attention and you turn to the TV. You ask the woman to repeat herselfWhat did I say. Did you think I was going to say no. The womans giggles seem less awkward now that shes saying it back to you. Come on then, lets see how cute you are. Now that shes laughing, she makes a completely serious face.

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