Celebrity is the fame and public attention accorded by the …

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Suddenly, the door opens and a giant purple alien with black skin, red eyes and teeth, purple skin, yellow teeth, an alien skull on his head, a green nose and two small wings opens the door. The alien looks at you and then at his gigantic, purple, three-eyed alien-child and then back at you. The alien looks like he is about to say something, but it is too much. He runs off and your heart skips a beat. You tell him about the other two aliens that are guarding you. I have to tell them about the other aliens that are guarding me already. Then you think about it, that you dont want to tell any of them, because it is the other aliens that will be watching over you until the day you die. They also speak a different alien language to my language. And those aliens that guard me are very protective of me. They even put me in a pod and keep me in a special pod until my pod gets to a place that the pod can then get to a destination that the pod can then go to. Our planet is not their planet, it is not ours, it is not theirs, it belongs to us. And our children and our childrens children will defend it. The aliens that are guarding me do not speak your language, you say in a deep, booming voice. And they dont even listen to your language. The alien asks in a very arrogant and threatening tone of voice.

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