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This is the highest-paid person in the world: I know that this is not the best way to do it, but thats how its being done. My problem is I cant get anyone to look at my proposal and Im having a hard time making any headway on my next idea. Ill tell you what, if you have a good idea, Ill do my best to work with you. I think you may be onto something and I will need your help with that. Ive got a lot of time on my hands and I know you do as well. If you have a good idea, I would very much like to turn this company around. But I dont think Ill learn anything new. Im not smart enough to come up with an idea on my own. If you like we can have lunch and talk more about this. Perhaps we will discuss it some more tomorrow. Thanks for your time,-John You still dont replyDont respond. You dont respondYou cant take this anymore. It will be a very bad business decision if you dont take my suggestion. I really dont think youre going to listen to me, John. If you dont want my money, why arent you listening to me. If you dont want my money, you can go ahead and put this business behind you. You dont replyIm not going to do that.

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