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Your popularity is an undeniable fact that you have noticed. When people are asking what you do, you can just say that you are an author and this is how you support yourself. The name of the author will most probably be known to everyone, but when they see you do nothing but write and then put it into the journal, they will probably assume that you are a boring person. You give your detailsYour name is Insert Name You are a writer who specializes in Science. The journalAfter a few days, you realize that you are really not so popular. However, you are not afraid to admit that you may be a mediocre writer and your work may have flaws. While you are pondering how to react to that, you notice that the list has changed to contain only popular names. You know that you will not be getting on the list, but at least you will not lose out. T even try to think of something to write about now. Instead you just keep your mind occupied by reflecting why this is so important that everyone would pay such attention to you. That includes the one who is going to read your journal later on. As you do this, your writing begins to take shape as a story. You start to picture yourself in an old house. T remember, along with books by other people. You then go out and start looking for an old man with a mysterious name to ask about him. The old man who you ask is a little bit older than your memories of your real age allow, but he is always polite and friendly. He tells you that he cannot possibly remember your real name, let alone anything else about you. However, as you get closer to him, he notices that your journal has changed significantly. I just saw your name and noticed that your writing seemed to be very strange. This is a little unsettling since you have not told the old man anything about yourself yet and you certainly did not wish to lie to him.

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