Celebrities you didn’t know passed away

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Hes a very talented actor, whos been making his home in Hollywood for quite some time. When you first heard he was coming to your show, I cant imagine how excited you were to meet him. It sounds like he was in a band in the same genre as you and I believe you said their music was pretty good. You never had time to listen to their music, but I know you were fond of their lead singer whose name I can never remember Omar wasnt even in the studio when you recorded that song and he was able to come out and sing it on his way here and you never would have expected it. And while I dont know ALL of Omars musical tastes, I can only imagine that youve definitely got a strong musical element in your music. His appearance is also quite recognizable, but I have to admit hes really attractive. And in your case I wonder if theres not a little more to it than just your looks. You have what Im sure are some pretty unique musical tastes, but so has Omar and you must know that. There is no reason to think that those tastes are somehow going to be hidden from Omar, and hes a very accomplished musician. Plus, youve given him quite a bit of information. You can always lie down and let Omar look you over in the studio if hes not impressed. You may not know his musical tastes, but you know enough to give Omar a very good idea. So Im just going to sit back, watch this beautiful young woman take advantage of a talented musician, while I can see if she really is as talented as she seems to be in the studio and I may become more inclined to trust her in the future. Omar, why dont you come over here to join me. Sigh, Omar, I was hoping youd be more forward with me, this is getting a little distracting, but if you wont help me I think I need help. Theres something in my car that might be the answer. Just come over here and help get into the trunk, I need to check something. Holds back a sob, Oh geez, really. You didnt know that it was that easy to poison someplace, but I suppose Ive done a lot of stupid things in my time. Im giving you this to open this bottle and it should make.

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