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You say to yourself as you continue to dwell on the events that occurred on that fateful Monday. You think to yourself as you begin to think about the rest of your dead family and friends as you try to find a way to avoid your feelings of depression. You are starting to think about other things and once again these thoughts are negative ones as you think about them. T have had children and you thought your dad was the only one in your family that had the issue. Re thinking about the same thing with your other uncles and other family members in your family. Re thinking about his death and how it will change your family. Re wondering if you were supposed to go now or if he just wanted you to be a good girl like your mom is. S going to be at your baby shower with his girlfriend. You think about how your mother was supposed to die and you were supposed to get married. S going to be the maid of honor at your wedding. Ll lose more to get your life back.

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