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All the other celebrities have some amount of tattoos dedicated to their music fans. The rest of us are pretty good at hiding them. I can see every tattoo on your body, though I may not be as skilled as Bieber, Gaga, Lady Gaga or any of those other celebs you mentioned who can see their tattoos. Plus Im far more talented than you are. I guess its up to you what you can decide to do with this power, but I can tell you that the best choice for your purpose is to take off your shirt. But heres the thing; youre about to learn that the second time around. Now get up and get over to the bathroom. You sigh and follow Emma to her room. After all the theatrics you werent really expecting much, other than some privacy so you took it. You were about to head into the bathroom when you realize that somethings different, a whole lot different though. You keep going or keep Emma quietHold on, just one second. You answer, following a rather large girl who was pacing back and forth near the bathroom door. You cant be in here right now, Emma said you were sick and needed to use the bathroom. She stops her pacing and turns around to face you. Shes tall, skinny, with a round face and straight brown hair. However, Emma doesnt really seem to be bothered by it. But Im going to tell you anyway. Now your eyebrows raise, as you realize what Emma is getting at. I wont if you dont tell me where you came from. You say, trying not to be too obvious. I come from nowhere, Ill never be anything, so why would I want to tell you anything. Because if you dont tell me, I wont be able to stop this. Wait a minute, youve never told me anything. Emma starts to open up her backpack as she continues to walk further into the hall. She seems to be thinking a lot about something, before finally turning her head to face you.

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