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You cant help but think that maybe, just maybe, you could actually use an outlet for your energy. It has been draining for all of these movies that you have seen. You remember the one time that you felt like jumping off of the second floor of your apartment building to escape the boredom; it was a long time ago and the memories are hazy. The scene of the building you were at was the streets of Los Angeles; it had been raining for days. You remember the car you were in, it wasnt your own. You remember the one person in the car that you were. You were driving, in a sedan, and your destination was nowhere in particular. It was just supposed to be a vacation, a vacation from the everyday and the demands of life. Suddenly, the radio starts blaring the station called Rock 88. You cant quite make out what the song is saying, but it is quite loud and you can hear it clearly regardless. Rock n Roll is a drug, a poison and a cancer. Your heart sinks when you hear those words. You stop your car at the next stoplight and turn around to listen to the radio again. The songs playing are getting worse and are taking more of your thoughts with it. When you get home, you turn your radio off and take a deep breath, but it is too late, you have already succumbed to the radios influence. You get into a routine of watching the movie and listening to the radio. You even get bored of the radio, but if you wanted, you could just turn it on and forget about it. You begin to feel like you need to be somewhere. You begin to get depressed and are having a hard time concentrating and even concentrating at all. T remember what happened, only that you felt the need to call your sister and your sister told you to come home. You were supposed to enjoy the movie, instead, you felt like you had to come back home. In the morning, your sister wakes you up. You should have had fun watching the movie. Ve just had a glass of water to quell my boredom.

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