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Years later and again, the celebrities are not determined to forget their roots. RATINGORIGINOn 26 February 2014, the web site TMZ. Com published the following item:The singer was at the premiere of her film Crazy Stupid Love in Austin, Texas. The text of that portion of the item did not include a source for the articles information, although the text also did not identify the person who had allegedly been at the premiere to which TMZ referred. Soon after, a number of news sites posted versions of the item that did include a source for the information, and many of these also added that the celebrity to whom TMZ referred was not, in fact, Maisie Williams, but instead Miley Cyrus. The celebrity gossip site TMZ later clarified its report, issuing the following statement, see accompanying chart, :The celebrity we cited was not Miley Cyrus, but her longtime friend and former Disney Channel star Daniel Dae Kim. At that time, TMZs report of Kims purported appearance at the premiere of Williams film was not supported by a source. Furthermore, TMZs report had contained no evidence that Williams herself was at the premiere. By the end of February 2014, TMZ had removed the item from its website. Later that month, the British tabloid the Daily Star, also known as the Star, published an item reporting that Maisie Williams, the young heartthrob of Game of Thrones, is reportedly battling a long-standing shoulder-length lock of hair for her entire life. The item went on to say that Williams had recently shaved her hair in an effort to achieve a short and chunky look, and that some of her older co-stars had been surprised to see her new style. The Star cited a report from a website called the Hollywood Informer as its source for that assertion. This report did not use the word star to describe Williams or Kim. However, it included an image of Williams wearing Game of Thrones-related clothing On 2 April 2014, Williams published a blog post on the HBO site True Blue that addressed the speculation about her past. It was also the first time that she addressed the issue of her shoulder-length hair. See accompanying chart Two days after Williams entry on True Blue, TMZ published a second article about Kim:Kim allegedly had his head shaved the night before he was photographed at the premiere of Williams movie. Also showed an actor in sunglasses behind him:TMZ also claimed that the star had been doing it in Austin.

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