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They come outYou can see them. Youre here to show me the beauty of the night sky, and all it has to offer. In any case, you want to see the sun.

As you look through the list of these 15 celebrities, you start to notice a trend. There are a few names that you recognize immediately, but the rest are a little too strange. You try to figure out their real namesThe first name that comes to your mind is none other than. You look at the list of celebrities, and you notice that the actor with the shortest blonde hair is almost completely different from the one next to it. You shake your head, and then try to remember who the actress is that is in the second panel. This is getting hard to remember, you say to yourself, but I know who it is, so it must be. You stop yourself, because it seems like youve just discovered the name of the girl from your class that likes to do that. The rest of the names are more or less the same from each panel, so you conclude that the short hair must be genetic. You dont ask any more questionsNow youre just wondering about your own hair. Maybe you should ask your parents more questions. Then you might find out if something is wrong with them. You start to think about other subjectsThe first time you were here, you met her at the park and found out she liked to play catch with you and the other kids. After that, you kept your distance from her, though you still kept in touch through Facebook and youve been seeing her here too. You think about the first time you met her. The other kids seem pretty excited about the sight of the actor and comedian. They scream and run to get closer, while the girl stares at him, speechless. She looks pretty young, and her short black hair is a lot shorter than your own. S still pretty straight when she gets home. S because no one in the family seems to be a hairstylist. Her eyes are also a bit different from yours. All you know is that everyone seems to have a different impression of it. Maybe you should ask her what she thinks. S how girls get that effect, since she was looking at you a lot more.

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