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So I guess you had to get purple hair. And why would you bother with a style on a fashion site, and why would you bother with purple hair, and why even have it anyhow, when you could brush your hair straight. M just a young guy, I can do it. You refuse to give inSo you refuse to give in to the persuaders. S hair which they all immediately accept. That will be fine, just keep to the names and do it in a couple days. S done, you go back in the house to take their pictures. We gotta take a quick pic from the front. You reluctantly sit at the computer and take their pictures. Re doing so, they ask you a few questions. Okay, so which one here is the real you. T look like you were born yesterday. So you probably still remember your goody two shoes dad. The girls both start giggling at your answer. T ask you that before, but why are you here in the backyard.

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