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Matt DamonActress, singer, director, producer, and actor. Currently starring in the movie, The Great Wall, directed by Zhang Yimou. Also starred in the movie, Bad Boys II, with fellow actor, and former boxer, Dwayne Johnson, and the TV series, Two and a Half Men, with Charlie Sheen and Kelsey Grammer. 3 Ryan GoslingAn actor, producer, director, screenwriter, and best known for his award-winning role as the lead of the 2010 film, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and the upcoming film, A Serious Man. Currently starring in the movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, directed by Guillermo del Toro. 4 Ryan ReynoldsActor, director, screenwriter, and producer. Reynolds was an actor, writer, producer, director, and stuntman. Currently starring in the movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, directed by Bryan Singer. Diesel was an actor, musician, writer, producer and stuntman. 6 Keanu ReevesAn actor, director, composer, and stuntman who is best known for his role of John McClane in the movie, Die Hard. Currently starring in the movie, John Wick: Chapter 2, directed by David Leitch. 7 Tom HiddlestonBritish Actor, author, producer, songwriter, screenwriter, and model. Currently starring in the movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, directed by J. Hidleston was an actor, writer, producer, screenwriter, and model. Next Previous Next You open the door to the small, empty room with a key and knock on the door labeled Nicole. You ask, knowing that your voice sounded familiar. You both stand there for a moment, as your new friend looks confused and disappointed. She died a year ago, so I moved in with my sister. Im not sure why my mom would move and leave me with a stranger, but it turned out to be for good. You tell her your moms dead.

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