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The phenomenon usually causes affects ones eyes andor they think they re seeing a million lights when in fact it is nothing they can do. Many wonder if they shall ever be able to achieve perfect symmetry again. The solution to this problem is and has been available to all humans for centuries, The solution to this problem is, of course, a better eye. The solution is not the same for everyone but we can all improve ourselves. One can only hope that the eyes of future-generation humans will be better than those-of-the past. TODO A picture of an old lady and a young girl holding hands. The old lady says that the girl is the child of an older couple who have been married for decades but can no longer have children of their own. To avoid the problem they have been trying to have a child but with no luck for two years. Finally, they decided to use an experimental procedure that would increase the couples chance of having a child from 10 to 90. The couple has no choice but to go through the surgery. The doctor will explain the risks and then he will point you to a box containing the ingredients needed for the procedure See recipe below Youre sure youre not hallucinating or something. This sounds so real TODO You go with the couple to the doctors ClinicYou follow the couple to a big, sterile building. As soon as you are inside, the doctor comes up to you. Is very disappointed to see you in such poor health. : I am not particularly sad, I am disappointed by your unhealthiness. Walks away from the couple to a table where there is a bed. He takes off his surgical mask revealing an old man. Old man: In my entire life I have never seen a man in so poor health as Mr. The old man looks at you a long time and then says:Old man: So, you are the patient, I assume you are the man whos been waiting for an old couple to have a child. X: The same age as me but I have lost my vision and hearing. A pity, I had hoped to find a partner for my child.

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